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  • Space Launch Delta 45 Hosts Space Forces Inaugural T-Minus 10-Miler

    Space Launch Delta 45 (SLD 45) hosted the United States Space Force (USSF) inaugural T-Minus 10-Miler, Dec. 10, 2022 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS), Fla. Participants from across the globe got to celebrate the USSF’s birthday while admiring CCSFS’s rich history from up close and afar. The 10-miler, which celebrates the USSF's birthday, aims to be on par with events held by sister services: Army Ten-Miler, Marine Corps Marathon, Navy 10 Nautical Miler, Air Force Marathon, and Coast Guard Marathon.
  • Delta 2 leverages Space Domain Awareness in support of Artemis I

    Guardians at Space Delta 2 honed their skills in Space Domain Awareness by supporting Artemis I’s 25-day, 1.4-million-mile mission.
  • Dickinson travels to IndoPacific to strengthen space cooperation

    U.S. Space Command commander U.S. Army Gen. James H. Dickinson visited New Zealand to participate in the Combined Space Operations Principals Board meeting Dec. 6-8.
  • VCSO visits Pittsburgh to kick off STEMtoSpace 2022

    Vice Chief of Space Operations Gen. David D. Thompson recently traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as part of a two-day civic engagement tour to further knowledge about the U.S. Space Force, advocate for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education and visit academic institutions conducting research and development for space technologies.
  • Successful USSF-44 Launch ‘Sign of What’s to Come’

    The successful U.S. Space Force USSF-44 mission launch was notable for several reasons: it was the first National Security Space Launch (NSSL) on a Falcon Heavy rocket and the first Falcon Heavy launch since June of 2019.