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Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+


  • JTF-SD celebrates Space Force’s 1st birthday

    Joint Task Force-Space Defense leadership deviated from the regularly scheduled program to celebrate the Space Force’s first birthday during its weekly operations and intelligence meeting at Schriever Air Force Base, Dec. 17.

  • JTF-SD leads Space Command in Space Force selects

    As the Space Force prepares to celebrate its first birthday, several Joint Task Force-Space Defense members are also celebrating their recent selection to transfer into the nation’s newest service.

  • Space Force updates uniform policy guidance

    In a Space Force Guidance Memorandum signed Dec. 11, the Space Force added guidance to its uniform policy addressing the wear instructions for the newly-released USSF distinguished lapel insignia for the interim service dress uniform along with several other updates.

  • Space Delta 6 protects space and cyberspace

    Space Delta 6 provides space and cyberspace access to the U.S. Space Force.The unit coined “Cyber Delta,” was established July 24, 2020, and is comprised of five squadrons across the United States that carry out the mission of the new operations-focused structure.The USSF has a ‘flattened’