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  • U.S. Space Force enters ‘Year 2’ with momentum and soaring expectations

    From the publicly available view on the outside, the birth and creation of the nation’s newest military service was going well; there was general agreement as to the need for the new service, its strategic importance and how it would fit in to the nation’s existing and sprawling military enterprise.
  • Space Force Leader to Become 8th Member of Joint Chiefs

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff will grow by one member when Space Force Gen. John "Jay" Raymond joins the highest-ranking military, deliberative body in the Defense Department on Dec. 20.
  • U.S. Space Force Birthday Letter to Guardians

    Today we mark the first anniversary of the establishment of the United States Space Force. Each American armed service traces its origin to a critical moment in our nation’s history. Our Army, Navy, and Marine Corps were established in the crucible of America’s Revolutionary War.
  • NASA Astronaut Mike Hopkins Transfers to US Space Force While Aboard International Space Station

    NASA Astronaut Mike Hopkins became the first-ever U.S. Space Force officer assigned as an astronaut when he voluntarily transferred from the U.S. Air Force while in orbit on the International Space Station, adding to a long history of military officers working at NASA in a civilian capacity. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and NASA Deputy Administrator Jim Morhard joined Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett and Chief of Space Operations General Jay Raymond from NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., for the ceremony.
  • U.S. Space Force unveils name of space professionals

    Today, after a yearlong process that produced hundreds of submissions and research involving space professionals and members of the general public, we can finally share with you the name by which we will be known: Guardians.