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Welcome to the HQ Space Operations Command (SpOC) Industry Engagements page. Below you will find a list of organizations within SpOC. If you would like to meet with an organization within SpOC, please click the industry liaison e-mail address below. In your e-mail, include the listed information. A representative from the HQ SpOC Industry Liaison Office will contact you to further coordinate your request.
  • The HQ SpOC organization you wish to meet with (see HQ SpOC Organizations and Mission Area Teams)
  • Name of your organization
  • Point of contact(s) for your organization
  • Detailed summary of the topic(s) you wish to discuss
  • Proposed location for the meeting
  • Desired length of meeting time
  • Detailed desired outcome of the meeting
  • Current support your organization provides to the United States Space Force, HQ SpOC
By e-mailing HQ SpOC you confirm that you have read and understand the following statement:
The United States Air Force and the Department of Defense are not bound nor are the agencies obligated to follow any recommendations provided nor is the United States Government bound or obligated in any way to give any special considerations.
HQ SpOC/DCG-T Industry Engagements Email: 

HQ SpOC Organizations
HQ Command Level
Commander (CC)
Leads the preparation, generation, and sustainment of combat-ready intelligence, cyber, space and combat support forces and serves as the U.S. Space Force Service Component to U.S. Space Command.
Deputy Commanding General Operations (DCG-O)
Responsible for all operational capabilities generated, employed, and sustained by HQ SpOC
Deputy Commanding General Support (DCG-S)
Responsible for all aspects of mission support and sustainment
Deputy Commanding General Transformation (DCG-T)
Responsible for developing and advancing the HQ SpOC priorities of Innovation, Partnerships, and Digital Transformation

Mission Area Teams (MATs)
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Battle Management, Command, Control and Communications (BMC3)
Orbital Warfare
Electronic Warfare
Space Domain Awareness (SDA)
Cyber for Space
Missile Warning/Tracking
Satellite Communications (SATCOM)
Position, Navigating & Timing (PNT)