Space Delta 18

  • By Space Operations Command
MISSION: Deliver unparalleled technical expertise and game-changing Intelligence --empowering national leaders, joint force warfighters, and acquisition professionals to outwit, out-reach and win in the space domain. 

NATIONAL SPACE INTELLIGENCE CENTER VISION:​ We are The Nation’s Space Intelligence Center - providing Progressive, Predictive, and Pioneering intelligence to outwit, out-reach and WIN in the space domain; Protecting America and its allies in Space now and into the future.

HISTORY:   Space Delta 18 (National Space Intelligence Center), was launched June 24, 2022 during an Activation & Assumption of Command ceremony in Fairborn, OH. Space Delta 18 (NSIC) is headquartered and co-located with the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH. Space Delta 18 (NSIC) is comprised of two units originally activated 15 April 2008 within the Air Force’s first Space and Missiles Analysis Group. The legacy of the Space Analysis Squadron (SMS) and Counterspace Analysis Squadron (SMD) will be preserved by the re-designation of units as the 1st Space Analysis Squadron and 2nd Space Analysis Squadron respectively.